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Avoiding Repossession

A repossession is incredibly serious.  It involves embarrassment, stress, inconvenience, hardship and  fear of what comes next. It may mean losing your home, your automobile or any prized possession that you’ve worked hard to get and keep. A secured creditor seeks to repossess property after a person has failed to make payments in a given amount of time. It usually starts with a warning, then creditors can escalate to being forceful and demanding when seeking to obtain the property that secures the debt.

In Pennsylvania, you have the ability to retain a certain amount of the value from the sale of your property while the rest goes to pay your debts. It’s important to go over your circumstances with Attorney Quinlan so he can give you the best options and advice. You don’t have to struggle through this alone.

Bankruptcy Attorney Helping You with Repossession

Attorney Quinlan has the skills to help you legally manage these troubling times of debt, repossession and all that comes with it. A  bankruptcy can protect you from repossession. Once you file, the creditors have to go through the court and are required to stop harassing you.

Despite the stigma frequently associated with bankruptcy, in present day it is more common than ever and you have to take care of yourself and your assets.  A common objection is that by filing bankruptcy, your credit score will be negatively impacted. While this may true, obviously you realize that if you’re property is getting repossessed, then your credit score is already negatively impacted. Protect yourself and your assets from creditors. We have the legal skill to help you gain the best possible outcome. You’ve earned that house and that car. Don’t let them take your things and go down without a fight.

If you, a friend or relative is facing a repossession, there may be a solution. Don’t waste another minute. Consultations are always free and we sincerely enjoy helping good people through tough times.

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