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You’re not alone.  Thousands of people face the prospect of unpayable and crushing debt.  If you’re one of them, you’ve probably heard of friends or relatives that met with an attorney that to see if they qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Doing so likely ended their financial problems and allowed them to get back on track with a fresh start.  Meet with Mr. Quinlan and you’ll quickly learn if he can help you learn your options before making any decisions about how you’d like to proceed.

How Chapter 7 Works

Debt builds on itself and  quickly  put a lot of people in a debilitating, endless, downward spiral.  If left unchecked, debt that consistently increases over time it can make it impossible for many to pay those they owe.  Sometimes filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief is the only solution that ends the spiral and stops the cycle. Once a determination is made that you qualify for Chapter 7, you can expect instant benefits, including a halt to all collection efforts. Utility bills: gone.  Wage attachment: gone.  Back rent: gone.  Credit cards: gone.  Believe it.  Freedom is within your reach.  It’s our business.  You’ll work with an attorney one-on-one who will help you get a fresh start.

Three Steps.

  • First you’ll meet with Attorney Quinlan and carefully evaluate your financial situation.  In about an hour, you and he will determine if you qualify for Chapter 7.  
  • Next, after that meeting and if Chapter 7 is an option, you complete and return paperwork that allows Mr. Quinlan to begin to assemble the paperwork demanded by the court.  
  • Finally, after Mr. Quinlan has assembled the filing material and collected your tax returns and other necessary documents, you meet with him again to carefully review the petition and schedules drafted on your behalf.  If everything is in order, the paperwork is filed with the court.


We Do Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Harrisburg the Right Way

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